121. luster

She was promised the world
She blushed, her mind whirled
But her body didn’t spark
Her previous world left a huge mark

She wanted the moon
Only the moon gave her her boon
Only moon was bigger than her pride
Only moon could see her darkest side

120. Excursion

She was curious, she wanted to explore
couldn’t believe such kindness had life
she wanted to go deeper to my core
to feel the heart of my heart
to see every pump and every beat
she needed answers, all the facts
so she stripped every layer of my heart
I let her peel thick skin guarding it
Only to find my core was dark and empty
With dust from broken relationships

119. blunt arrows

I’m a smart man
who mentions stupid things
I’m not the devil
but my intentions are evil
I’m a simple guy
with complicated thoughts
My eyes are weak
but my vision is strong
My voice is dead
but my hands do the job

118. vicious circle

I fear death
not because he’s father to my birth
but because he gave me wings
to soar so high with the eagles
to move so fast with no wiggles
that one day
I’ll snap my breaking point
the only lining that protects me
my wings will quiver
my strength will wither
my feet will shiver
my lips will blither
and I’ll drop to the ground
then die
I fear being death

117. sapphire

what if we met in another city
with old streets so gritty
with no statue and no tower
with dry land of no power
would we prepare for a storm?

what if you chose another way
so we couldn’t meet on this day
and lost honesty, faith and hope
three gems with love so dope
would there ever exist a Rome?

116. equilibrium

his body is warm
but his heart is cold
braced with hate
and laced with anger

her body is cold
but her heart is warm
stitched with love
with a halo of joy

every day she hugs him
at dawn after coffee
to thaw all straws grown
to keep his heart alive

every night he holds her
at dusk before bed
to soften her pretty skin
to keep her body alive

115. Nest

my place of comfort
is a silent place I go at ease
a place with concrete walls of peace
a place I recur to when all is amiss
a place I can cry with no blame
a place I lay my all with no shame
a place I can always claim
for it carries all my worries
hears dark words not for my diaries
and bestows to restore me when weary
my place of comfort
is a place so discrete it was a secret
a place so salient it doesn’t exist