180. vanish

when i write, i’m not me
i’m a wave of endless thoughts
i’m a string of excited words
when i write, i’m not me
my brain ceases with time
my hands bloom to life
your world comes to a stop
my world rotates twice as fast
my heart beats faster
my pulse beeps slower
when i write, i’m not me
my eyes listen to every scribble
my ears feel every birthed word
when i write, i’m not me
i don’t exist at that moment
’till i stop writing


179. equalizer

when he was younger
he was shy, no word left his lips
he would stare at his fat feet
he loved his bulging belly
he couldn’t stand up to speak
but he was comfortable in his skin

he is older now
his words have grown stronger
straight posture with tummy tucked in
bright face with concealed acne
he stands strong with his voice
but drops down with body insecurities

178. Stripes

we once lived in two separate worlds
yet we walked on the same earth
we fed on contrasting meals
from mud touched by common hands
we drunk different water
fetched from a single stream
I loved how you described it all
nothing for my brain to fathom
I now see it, I finally can feel it
cages are beautiful from outside

177. Raisin

maybe we’d be happier
if we listened to our bodies
why do we break our own hearts
then shift the blame to others?
maybe it’s because we never listen
the unending anxiety on bad dates
the rumbling stomach on good days
we ignore all the signs and stay
hugging tight onto hope
regrets will always be painful
unless you learn to talk with self
no one understands you better
no one should love you more
your body will always speak
all you need to do is listen

176. Therapy

It’s impossible to lie to the moon
she’s calm and patient
I stare directly into her eyes
she listens to every word in silence
she lets me expose my true soul in the dark
she forgives and gives a second chance

It is easy to lie to the sun
her rage boils up like fire
lack of eye contact breaks our bond
her pride surpasses her strength
I always cover my true self with shelters
I hide indoors during the day

175. player

play me like a harp
gentle and sweet on your lap
lean closer to my heart
play me fast as a hart

play me like a cello
let them know my fellow
bow me with unique fashion
play me with passion

play me like a piano
grand with the highest soprano
extract every note with style
play me slow with a smile


174. fine streaks

if you could paint your personality
would it be bright and lively
or dull and dead
would it speak loud with no shame
or would it sit stiff and deaf
would you do it on canvas
or ancient and rare paper
would you buy expensive oil
or get plain charcoal
if your personality was pure art
would any of these really matter?